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Materials used for window shutters production.
The company „Wojciech Bakowski“ makes a wide range of wooden shutters. They can be made of many different types of timber, but solid pine wood is preferable to the European climate.

Why do we prefer the pine wood?
Pine wood is the most resistant to changes in humidity, insulation and temperature. Beech, oak, mahogany or hard wood can react very quickly to changes in the weather and risk becoming deformed.



With an advanced technology of the wood impregnation, the quality of pine wood does not give a way even to mahogany and it is much cheaper!

Our master craftsmen hand select and dry carefully the raw materials, based on their long term experience. The shutters are produced using the latest generation of joiner machinery and are then hand finished and finally deep impregnated.

During the whole production process we keep our workshop at a constant humidity of 10-15 %.