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The process of wood impregnation is highly complicated, time-consuming, and difficult to describe operation. That is why this part of window production will be only generally described.
The paints that we use are made by leading manufactures including SIGMA, GORI and GLAZURIT. We can also use paints specified by the customer.
The wide ranges of shades on offer include 1750 tints and 170 colours. These are all available according to NCS/RAL colour scales.
This wide selection is much appreciated by our customers.
We can use transparent paints which highlight the texture of the wood or solid colours which cover the surface of the shutters.
The process of painting includes the application of a number of coats. The raw timber is treated with a preservative and then one or two undercoats are applied as needed, after which the shutters are polished. The fin al. Coats are then applied for the finishing process.